Your investment in concrete polishing can be nullified by improper or insufficient maintenance. Polished concrete is not stain proof even with the most sophisticated stain guard protection. We recommend four key steps to extend the life of your investment and offer the products to help: 1 SPILL RESPONSE TEAM An aggressive maintenance program first starts with the […]


HybriDENSE is a unique lithium based blend of reactive silicates and silconate repellents. Apply as needed to densify and strengthen new or old concrete surfaces. Penetrates deep yet increases the density of the top layers of concrete. Multi-Dimensional – able to selectively fill and seal any size fissure. Does not alter the appearance of the surface. […]


The most complete line in concrete chemicals. CRETEMEDIX is the combination of 25 years experience in concrete polishing services and over 40 years of chemical manufacturing. After a brief retirement, Vic Green of VIC International returned to collaborate with the VentureTECH Chemical Corporation to form a new line of Concrete Polishing Chemicals, CRETEMEDIX. Together they […]